Support and Recovery Groups


Support and Recovery Groups

Riseup Society offers support groups for those impacted by domestic abuse within their intimate partner relationships. They are based on the understanding that profound healing is most often experienced in the context of a safe and supportive community. All groups focus on educating participants on the dynamics and impact of abuse, and on assisting them in their journey towards a holistic healing of mind, body and spirit.


Phase I: Understanding Domestic Abuse in Intimate Relationships

This is an in-depth support group developed using evidence-based practices to educate and help individuals understand domestic abuse in intimate relationships.

Sessions will incorporate the following topics: Defining abuse; Impacts of Abuse; Myths of Abusive Relationships; Trauma; Abuse and Family Dynamics; Victim Beliefs; Tactics of Abusive Behaviour; and Healthy Relationships

Participants will experience visualization and grounding exercises to help digest and process the group experiences, and help them replace negative judgements about themselves with empowering and positive ones.

A new 10 week afternoon session begins Monday, April 23, 2018.  Call the office at 780-739-7473 to register and for more information.


Phase 1 Enhancement: Healing and Recovery from the Impact of Intimate Partner Abuse

This psycho-educational and processing support group will focus on the participants’ resilience and lived experiences of recovery and healing from partner abuse.  With its emphasis on deeper healing and growth, the support group is intended to further empower recovering individuals by providing a safe and supportive environment where they can re-examine their present psychological well-being, and their possible future choices they are considering to make.

A new Phase 1 Enhancement (Phase 2) begins April 26, 2018 and runs from 6 to 8 p.m. for 10 weeks.  Facilitated by Karin Stewart.