Individual Counselling

Riseup offers individual counselling to those who have experienced the trauma of domestic violence and abuse in an intimate partner relationship. Any form of abuse has the potential to have a deep and long term effect on someone’s ability to live life fully. Unravelling the complexities is difficult, and often requires the help of a trained and caring counsellor.  Riseup Counsellors specialize in the area of family violence and abuse.










We are now accepting new clients and referrals for one to one counselling sessions.

Karin Stewart offers relational and insight-oriented Psychotherapy.  She has a  Masters in Psychotherapy and Spirituality, BSc. in Biology, BA in Slavonic Language Studies (certified and insured with Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association)

We are also pleased to introduce Darlene Mievre, Clinical Pyschologist.  Darlene is looking forward to accepting new clients for one to one counselling.

Contact us at (780) 739-7473 to set up an appointment.