Executive Director

Jacqueline photo   email-icon executive@riseupsociety.ca

Jacqueline Biollo has always had a desire to be involved, help others, and stand-up for something she believes in.  She is an  advocate for action and works to ensure transparency and accountability.

Jacqueline’s entrepreneurial skills have been the backbone of her executive management consulting company A Songbird’s Solo; focusing on professional visioning from 30,000 feet, with an emphasis on people, possibility, and potential.  Her background is in human services, protective services, strategic management, and politics.

She obtained her MBA designation from Royal Roads University.

Jacqueline has served on a variety of boards and committees.  She was the Chair of the Inter-Agency Council on Homelessness, Integrated Housing and Supports Framework Committee; former Chair of the Alberta Urban Municipalities Association (AUMA), Safe and Healthy Communities Committee; and Women in Municipal Government, and is a recurrent mentor for the InterVivos Mentorship program.

We are excited about Jacqueline’s contribution to the success, growth, and effective and efficient operations of Riseup as well as her visionary leadership and strategic thinking!