Clinical Counsellor

Karin Stewart is a psychotherapist and clinical counsellor with a Masters Degree in Psychotherapy and Spirituality (MPS) from St. Stephen’s College in Edmonton. She also hold a number of certificates, such as an internationally recognized Trauma Recovery and Grief Support Certification from the Edmonton based Taking Flight International Corporation. In addition, Karin Stewart is an experienced Reiki, Therapeutic Touch Practitioner, and visualization guide.

In her practice, Mrs. Stewart strives to create a safe and supportive environment where clients can explore their diverse challenging life circumstances and discover effective solutions to better those circumstances. In the process they have the opportunity to heal and grow, making their lives more satisfying and meaningful.

To help her clients achieve their goals, Mrs. Stewart uses modern psychotherapeutic approaches that are relational and insight-oriented. When appropriate she also incorporates a number of problem solving techniques from within the narrative, cognitive-behavioral, and solution-focus approaches. If desired, Mrs. Stewart offers more arts based, and/or spiritually oriented and holistic approaches such as guided visualizations, energy transfer work, rituals and ceremonies or more shamanically based techniques such as Soul-Loss Retrievals.

“I see psychotherapy as a relationship between myself and you, a person seeking my assistance and support. You come to me with your unique life challenges, and it is my responsibility to be openminded and flexible to your needs and desires. You own your health and well-being, and the direction of your therapy, and I am the “midwife”, helping you deliver the new and improved You.”